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Canadian Car of the Year //

The Contenders

Take a look at the cars ready to be tested at this year’s TestFest, October 25 to 28th

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The nominees for the 2012 Canadian Car of the Year

The purpose of AJAC's Canadian Car of the Year (CCOTY) awards is to provide consumers with sound, comparative information on new vehicles in the market.

Planning the awards begins in May when all 19 major motor vehicle manufacturers meet with the CCOTY management group to discuss rules, schedules and budgets. Manufacturers then submit their entries for the awards by mid-June. The CCOTY management group examines the entries and places the vehicles in appropriate categories.

In October, 70 of Canada's top automotive journalists gather for a four-day evaluation of all vehicles nominated for the CCOTY awards. The vehicles are put through rigorous testing, culminating in the crowning of the Canadian Car of the Year. So, what exactly gets tested? Everything from acceleration, braking and vehicle dynamics to maneuverability and even off-road capability. Details such as cargo capacity and safety features are also examined and everything is individually rated by secret ballot.

This year, Test Fest is taking place October 25-28 in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. From small sporty sedans to rugged SUVs to high-end luxury cars, there are a lot of high-quality wheels to choose from. The category winners and the winner of the coveted Canadian Car of the Year Award will be announced in early 2012.

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